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StuffMyInbox – $400 XBOX giveaway

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StuffMyInbox – $400 XBOX giveaway

$700 daily commissions and 100's of leads on autopilot

StuffMyInbox is a viral done-for-you (DFY) system ‘super app’ that generates leads, commissions for the user from a simple fully hosted website. It uses a system of giving away something for free to attract and engage visitors.

Each page features an ongoing $400 XBOX game system giveaway, enabling users to attract and engage visitors like never before. Visitors do nothing in relation to the XBOX giveaways. They are bought and delivered to the winners every 90 days by the company behind StuffMyInbox.

StuffMyInbox is a cloud-based app that generates unique squeeze pages, they attract and collect leads on autopilot. It also generates pass up commissions on autopilot when the user activates the “spending money” and “big money” plugins.

StuffMyInbox is $14 for the main product, it has many bonuses which add to the overall cost but if you promote your StuffMyInbox squeeze page to friends and family, social media and anywhere that you can think of then you don’t need to buy any of the upsells. Also, note that if you don’t buy any of the upsells and you don’t promote your special website link then you will not make any commissions at all.

StuffMyInbox Upsell 1

That said, the one upsell that I definitely did opt for was the “Autopilot Commissions Rotator” for $67 which places 1 out of every 5 visitors into a pool which is then sent to your link on a rotational basis so that you will receive commissions if anyone purchases.

I’ve currently had 131 visitors from this without having to advertise my link anywhere but as yet there have been no commissions. This system is a one-time payment and will run forever unless you delete your acccount.

I like the idea of this because the greatest hurdle for any online business is getting traffic to your site, so for it to be done for you is a great bonus and extremely cheap compared to the cost of Google Adwords. Also a lot of these “autopilot” systems rely on you sending traffic to them yourself, and if you don’t have thousands of social media followers then they become useless.

It’s early days with StuffMyInbox, but I’m hopeful that I will make at least some commissions.


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