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Full review of Cyclone – The world’s first self-perpetuating revenue system?

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Full review of Cyclone – The world’s first self-perpetuating revenue system?​

What is Cyclone?

Cyclone is marketed as the “world’s first self perpetuating revenue app”.

This software claims to make money and continue to make money without the need for human intervention. I.E. the next level of ‘done for you’ or ‘hands-off’ income.

But can you actually make money with Cyclone?

The software automatically drives traffic to your affiliate links and then communicates with that traffic via email. Everything is handled by Cyclone, so there are no requirements for any additional software, integrations or expense.

That’s not completely true, if you don’t promote your links from Cyclone and get people to sign up in the first place then this self-perpetuating app will just sit there and do nothing.

There are three steps:-

  1. Login to your personal cloud-based Cyclone App & select one of the “Done For You” Cyclone revenue packages.
  2. Add your unique link, and then activate. Activation starts the Cyclone FREE traffic builder (built-in).
  3. Then Cyclone SPI tech takes over and works in stealth mode. Cyclone works in the background to generate results for you without your intervention *true autopilot*

Step 2 is extremely vague, “activate” doesn’t mean adding your affiliate link and then sitting back while the commission’s flood in. You have to drive people to your unique link that is generated within the app and get them to sign up with their email address. Once collected, these email addresses can be exported from the system and you can email them with further offers.

Subscribers are also added to Cyclone’s mailing list and sent offers with your affiliate link, allowing you to benefit from more commission’s (this is the self-perpetuating part).

Hence the reason they say that you have to reactivate packs from time to time, which basically means promoting your links on a regular basis to bring in more subscribers.

Does Cyclone work?

It hasn’t for me yet, the reason I tried the system is that the sales page made me believe that traffic was sent automatically without the user having to worry about promoting it, but this is not the case.

Can you actually make sales with Cyclone? Probably, but only with the right traffic. Which is true of any affiliate offer that you want to promote, the right traffic. Without traffic, you have no sales and no business.

The clever part of Cyclone is the stealth mode mailing system which automatically sends out email series with your affiliate links inside. So once you have driven the traffic and got the subscribers you have the potential to make money from your affiliate links.

Also you don’t need a website or hosting as the system is cloud-based which is another plus.

If you have a big social following or are willing to purchase solo ads then I can see how this system could bring in quite a few commissions automatically but I’ve yet to experience this.

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