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My name’s Ron Krayewski, and I used to be like you: getting older and growing more concerned about my health as I age.

You see, I’m a personal trainer and strength training specialist, and for the last 43 years I’ve been working with clients just like you, getting them into the best shape of their lives.

But this year, 2012, I turned 65. I’m “officially” a senior. And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that us seniors need a special program to stay healthy and in shape. A program that’s specifically tailored to the special quirks of our older bodies.

Because let’s face it: as a senior, you need special attention and advice, especially when it comes to health and fitness… and how that affects the quality of your life.

As you age your skin is getting thinner, and tears more easily, your muscles are shrinking and getting weaker from non-use. Your metabolism is slowing down and your bone density is waning.

Doctors say that exercising 3 times per week for just 30 minutes each time can slow down the ageing process and restore good health, including better brain function.

As I’m getting older, it’s obvious that I have to approach strength training — and my health — differently than before.

But unfortunately, a lot of the strength training programs and products out there don’t take into account the special consideration that you and I, as seniors, need when approaching strength training, and arm workouts in particular.

And after working with senior clients on a daily basis, I know that a lot of seniors are usually reticent about “working out.” They don’t believe that they can, or should, start with strength training. Either it’s too expensive, or too hard, or they think you have to go to a gym and learn to use a lot of specialized equipment.

Somehow, “It’s just not for me.”

That’s why I’ve spent the last several years putting together a unique system, called the Super Senior Fitness Program. And it’s why today I’m presenting you with a special deal on our new newest program, the Super Senior Arm Pump video.

In this 33 minute video, you’ll get the benefit of all 43 years of my professional expertise, as seen through the eyes of a robust, ageing senior strength training specialist.

Today, at 65, my workouts give me the same energy, pizazz, and resilience that they used to, so I can be free to enjoy each moment of every day. I’m hoping that by being in the best shape of your life, you too will able to live your years feeling energized and thrilled to live each day.

“I’ve taken out a number of memberships at community and private fitness facilities over the years, but always lost interest and never achieved much. Weight training with Ron is great. His workouts are always challenging me to do more. I look forward to each session. After less than 2 months, I see results. I’m stronger and have a lot more energy overall.”

With the Super Senior Arm Pump video, you’ll be well on your way to filling out a t-shirt and ridding yourself of flabby arms once and for all.

This video is packed with tip after tip, hard-wrought advice, and specially-selected techniques that will help you get the results you’re looking for.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn how to do with this video…

“Our three sessions per week have resulted in a distinct improvement in our strength, our shape and our mental outlook. We are most pleased with the expertise exhibited by Mr. Krayewski. There is very little indeed that he does not know about physical training. He is a true professional. He guards against any over exertion that may harm the client. We enjoy the way that he insures the exercises are correctly done every time, a vital part of good training. Mr. Krayewski is a true professional trainer, such as we have never before the pleasure to train under. We suggest, strongly, that anyone who is truly interested in proper and effective strength and fitness training, should contact Mr. Krayewski now. we Certainly will remain satisfied client for some time in the future.”

Have you ever been confused by the overwhelming amount of terminology, methods and techniques, etc. that seem to come with the territory when it comes to strength training? Don’t be.

I’ll make it extremely simple for you to learn only the best essential techniques to put layers of muscle and take the fat off your arms.

Each exercise is demonstrated clearly and slowly, with detailed, clear explanations for every technique, move and exercise. And since you’ll be downloading this video directly onto your computer, you can always come back and review the video again for instant reinforcement and learning.

I’m more than confident that you’ll find the Super Senior Arm Pump video to be worth every penny. However, I want to sweeten the deal a bit.

I’ve decided to thrown in a couple of FREE bonuses.

The world today is bombarded with pollutants and toxins, which take a toll on human health. You may not know it, but your body is already showing the signs of an unhealthy environment and a toxic life. You may be inviting several kinds of diseases into your system, and you’re not even aware of it, let alone aware of how to deal with it.

So how do you get rid of that unhealthy lifestyle? The answer is simple, turn to body detoxification. With this e-book, Best-Kept Secrets to Total Body Detoxification, find out the lowdown and nitty-gritty on overall health, and how to battle the toxins that invade your body.

“Results, results, results, that’s what we got. My wife and I spent long hours in the gym for many years with little to show for all the effort. When we joined Ron’s classes, visible results came quickly. The workouts were varied and fun. We got to do many things we had never done before. So our advice is if you want results too, quit playing around and get something accomplished with the guidance of a real pro.”

On a balanced vegetarian diet one can very easily lose weight and stay fit. A vegetarian diet fights against heart disease and cancer, including gender-related cancers such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, and prostate cancer.

As far as money is concerned, it’s much cheaper to buy vegetarian food than quality meats and fish. Eating vegetarian is not only healthy, it’s good for the environment as livestock deplete enormous land and water resources.

This comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know to make a healthy transition to a vegetarian diet and to maximize the benefits of your new diet. You’ll learn…

“Working with Ron has been a wonderful experience. His Knowledge of fitness and nutrition helped me tremendously. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about working with kettlebells, but I actually found it to be fun and effective! I do believe that it was with the help of Ron that I really began to regain some self-confidence. I was looking for a way to increase my strength. He showed me that with the proper nutrition and supplements, I was capable of rebuilding my body in a healthy manner. I worked with Ron for three months but I saw my body transforming quickly. After only a few sessions, my strength and stamina had increased and my muscles started to become defined.”

“I wish I would have called Ron sooner. Workouts at survival of the fit are never boring and the benefits of Ron’s vast knowledge have been very rewarding for me. While the inches and pounds have decreased, strength, energy, and self confidence have increased. I can’t believe how much better I feel in just 10 weeks. I am looking forward to revealing the new person I am becoming to my children and grandchildren. Thank you, Ron, for your continuing instruction and encouragement. I am truly grateful I have received and continue to receive comments about how good I look (youthful in appearance) . My children think you are a miracle worker, my grandkids love that I now play road hockey and other games with them. It is a great loss for the Comox Valley that Ron has chosen to relocate. He is missed and will continue to be by his clients; we have lost a valuable contribution to our community.”

“In two months, I’ve gone from NOT being able to do a proper squat because of a wonky knee to being able to do 10 good squats and repeating the process 2 or 3 times in an hour… I can do chin–ups (first in my life) and work weights designed to strengthen my weakest parts… I’ve regained long lost flexibility and developed muscle power I likely NEVER had. My friends have noticed a change in my posture and body shape. I feel stronger, healthier and my tee shots are getting longer. What can I say!!”

“I have been a member of a number of gyms/fitness classes over the years, often with on site assistance from “coaches” as needed. This was the first time I’d ever worked exclusively with a fitness trainer of Ron’s experience and calibre. What a difference! The work was still physically challenging at times, but Ron’s firm, but enthusiastic encouragement makes one want to achieve the goals he sets. I am so impressed with Ron’s background, qualifications & teaching manner that I know I’m in expert hands & that he’s only going to demand from me what he knows I can physically achieve.”

Don’t say “Yes” — just say “Maybe” and you can test drive these videos for a full 60 days. Or your money back.

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It’s simple. It’s the quality of the content that matters, and not the medium you use to watch it. Since DVDs (and books) are so expensive to produce and ship, I’m making these videos and electronic books available to you in a digital format for a seriously reduced price, thanks to how easy it is for you to download and use them. The content on these videos is just as effective no matter which format you end up watching. Only the savings is significant.

When you purchase, you will get immediate access to directly download the video (MP4 file format) and the bonus eBooks (PDF file format, you can use the free Adobe Reader to read the books) onto your computer, where you can use them at your convenience at any time. Get the Super Senior Arm Pump videos now PLUS the bonuses without risking a penny.

P.S.Don’t forget about my 60-day money-back guarantee! Buy now with the security of knowing that you don’t have to risk anything.

“Ron’s workout is a gift you give yourself. Since I have been working out with Ron three times a week, I am more aware of my body. I stand straighter and my balance has improved which helps to prevent falls. I have significantly more strength in my legs. I especially notice this when walking up the mountain to my home. I no longer need to stop two to three times to catch my breath and rest my legs. In a nutshell, I like the way I feel. Thank you, Ron.”

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Senior Arm Pump Video | Super Senior Fitness is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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