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Product Name: 10 Minute Mobility

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Discover How You Can Move, Feel & Perform Better, in just 10 Minutes A Day… …Even if right now you feel stiff, deal with aches and pains……and you don’t like stretchingThomas “The Injury Fixer” reveals his 10-minute-a-day system to better movement, less pain and more athleticism

From: Thomas “The Injury Fixer” EngbertsPhuket, ThailandMonday, 8.34am Re: The 10 Minute Mobility revolution…

Dear friend,Have you ever felt stiff in your joints and muscles?Have you thought you should do something about it, but does the idea of hour-long yoga practices and painful stretches bore you to death?Have you ever been confused by all the different rollers, balls, stretches and mobility exercises you hear people talking about, and have no clue what is best?

I Respect Your Frustration About ‘Mobility Work and Stretching’

It’s NOT your fault, you’ve probably heard a million different opinions and got some free advice (usually worth about what you paid for it), and you’re more confused than ever.That’s OK though, making people move better is what I do, so help is on the way.

You see, I was never a natural athlete… and until quite recently I couldn’t even come close to touching my toes without bending my knees

This was quite embarrassing, considering I’m “The Injury Fixer” and I should know how to loosen up my joints and muscles……and I did know, proven by the fact that I’ve helped hundreds of people fix their injuries and make them feel, move and perform better (ranging from UFC fighters to ‘regular’ people with desk jobs)…However, knowledge is NOT power…Only applied knowledge is power.And I wasn’t applying my mobility knowledge to myself.‘Normal’ training like lifting weights, pulling sleds, sprinting and trying to learn gymnastics movements? Yes, there I was doing everything I knew to get the most out of my training…But when it came down to taking care of my joints and muscles, I simply couldn’t find the motivation to spend 30 minutes doing all the things I knew I was ‘supposed’ to do…

And That Was My BigMobility Mistake:

By being overwhelmed and thinking I had to do everything……I ended up doing nothing at all!Which left me feeling stiff, achy and un-athletic.My shoulders were tight and rounded forward, my hips were stiff and my back was aching…Maybe you can relate to this?If you do, I have good news:

You DON’T Need To Do EveryMobility Exercise, Every Single Day!

Just like you don’t need to do every bicep curl or squat variation every day, you also don’t need to do ALL the mobility work in the world every day if your aim is to simply move and feel better.As long as you’re working all the major joints and muscles in the most important directions over the course of a week or two, you will see good improvements in how you move, feel and perform…If you actually get it done.So what you really need is someone that makes you do all this……in a way that’s effective but also realistic.And I’ve found that for most people, anything longer than 10 minutes a day is simply NOT going to happen on a day-to-day basis!A pro athlete who has nothing else to do?Sure, they can (and should) do more……and so should people who aspire to do crazy splits, work in the circus or become a stuntman in action movies…But for regular people like you and me, who want to move well but also have work, family, a social life and other things to do, 10 minutes of concentrated mobility work that actually gets done is all that’s realistically going to happen.And 10 minutes can be enough… If those 10 minutes are used effectively!

You now know that you DON’T needhours of stretching, and youDON’T need to do every singlemobility exercise, every single day

But it’s important that you get this one thing…Spending just 10 minutes a day doing the right kind of mobility work will improve the way you move and feel.Now you’re probably wondering, “How exactly can I make sure I do the right mobility work?”Well, there is a solution for that…But before I tell you about the 10 Minute Mobility program, let me tell you who this is NOT for…- 10 Minute Mobility is NOT for circus artists, yoga fanatics, ballet dancers or people who are already super flexible- 10 Minute Mobility is NOT for people who want to do extreme splits, crazy back bends or other extreme flexibility challenges (they need a lot more than 10 minutes)- 10 Minute Mobility is NOT for people who are too lazy or make excuses like ‘I can’t find the time’… it’s only 10 minutes after all!And if you’re not willing to spend 10 minutes a day on a few simple exercises to improve your health, decrease your aches & pains and improve your performance in sports, the gym and in LIFE… then this is NOT for you.However,

 If you ever feel stiff in your joints &muscles, and want to move and feel better…and would like someone totell you exactly what you need todo to loosen up, on adaily basis, in only 10 minutes a day…

Then you’re the exact person I created 10 Minute Mobility for.As a member, you will get a fresh 10 Minute Mobility routine emailed to you, every single day……including a video where I show you exactly what to do, step-by-step… in just 10 minutes.All you have to do is follow along, and you don’t need any special equipment apart from a pair of tennis balls (or any other kind of little ball).

Thomas, Who Are You? andWhat Makes You Qualified To Make aMobility Program Like This?

That’s a good question, but rather than answer it myself, I’ll let some of my clients tell you what they thought of working with me as their physical therapist:

Up until now, you would have needed to come to Phuket, Thailand in order to work with me and get results like the people above……But now you can get almost the same experience with the 10 Minute Mobility Program.It’s the closest you can get to having me personally stand next to you, show you everything you need to do, and making you do it!Will this program fix your injuries like my ‘in-person’ clients above have experienced?No, of course not… if you have a serious injury you need a specialized rehab program to get rid of it.10 Minute Mobility is designed to improve your overall mobility and reduce your aches and pains, but it will not be enough to fix a serious injury, let that be clear.However, it is a great way to continue to feel good after you’ve rehabbed an injury, and reduce the chance of getting injured in the first place.

Here are some of the things youcan expect as a member of​10 Minute Mobility:

A daily mobility routine you can do in 10 minutes, emailed to you every day (just follow along with the video) without any special equipment

Discover the Hungarian Shoulder Stretch that releases tension off the chest, biceps and forearms, and creates more freedom of movement in your shoulder (I learned this from a Hungarian Olympic Weightlifter, who taught it to me to improve my snatch, and have since used it with many clients to relieve their shoulder pain and improve their posture)

How to improve your hamstring flexibility by 5 to 10 cm… without even stretching or touching your hamstrings

A Daily ‘follow along’ video where I personally show you how to do every single exercise in the routine

Move better in the gym, so you can do more reps, using the right muscles

Discover how to use a tennis ball to loosen up your shoulders (this hurts while you do it, but I promise it makes your shoulders feel better as soon as you’re done)

The 90/90 hip stretch that corrects imbalances between your left and right leg

Be able to squat deeper, without rounding your back

The “Indian Sequence” that opens up your groin, hip flexors and calf muscles in 2 minutes or less

Discover how you can use special tension in your abs and glutes… to increase your squat depth and toe-touch, before doing any mobility work or stretching!

Get rid of that achy feeling in your neck and shoulders… and know exactly what to do if it does come back during a long day in the office

Loosen up your upper back for better shoulder movement

Ankle mobility exercises that make your squat better and reduce the strain on your knees when you run

Now imagine yourself a month from now…

Imagine moving around much better, with less restriction, less pain and a better ‘flow’ of movement…Imagine being able to play sports (perhaps with your kids) without having to say ‘stop’ because your joints are aching…Imagine being able to impress your gym buddies with your newfound ability to move around and perform your exercises correctly…Imagine standing up straighter, having more energy and thereby looking more secure to the world around you…All it takes is about 10 minutes a day… without any thinking on your part, because you simply follow the instructions I give you in the video’sIt’s as simple as brushing your teeth!

Here’s what you’ll get as a 10 Minute Mobility Member:

You will get a brand new mobility routine emailed to you, every single day, as long as you stay a member.All you need to do is click the link, log in to the members area and access your brand new 10 Minute Mobility video of the day.You can watch this video on your computer, smart TV, phone, iPad, or any other device you prefer.In the membership area you’ll also have access to all the previous video’s, so if there was one particular routine that you really liked, you can always get back to it and do it again.And below each video there is a comment box where you can ask me all your questions, personally!

Great, Now How Much Does​10 Minute Mobility Cost?

But Thomas, What If I Don’t Like 10 Minute Mobility?

I respect your hesitation, and think it’s healthy, but let me tell you this:First off, I’ll let you try it out for a week, for only 1 measly US dollar.If you don’t like it, simply email support@10minutemobility.com to cancel your membership and you won’t be billed again, ever.And if you want, I’ll even give you your dollar back, no biggie.Second, if you do like it at first and decide to stay on as a member, but at some point stop liking it for whatever reason (you don’t like my voice, don’t like my face, don’t like the exercises or the way I dress or whatever…)Just send an email to support@10minutemobility.com and you’ll get a refund for your last month (and again, you won’t be billed anymore, ever.).Sound fair?Great.As you can see, I’m taking all the risk here, and you have nothing to lose except the stiffness in your joints and muscles.

Here’s What You Should Do Next ToFeel, Move and Perform Better:

Make sure you have your credit card details ready, and click the green ‘join now’ button below

When you do, you’re going to be taken to an order form that looks like this:

See you on the inside,Thomas Engberts (aka The Injury Fixer)Physical Therapist, founder of ILoveTraining.Net and10 Minute Mobility86/21 Soi Saiyuan 11, Rawai,Phuket, Thailand 83130P.S. Of course, you could try to figure this out by yourself, and find some free video’s off of youtube or some other fitness websites… but what is the chance that you’ll actually follow through and DO those exercises if you aren’t getting a daily reminder, and a fresh mobility routine every day?Plus, while you may find one, two, three or even 10 good exercises to do, you probably still won’t hit ALL the things you need to have in your program.For a measly 10 bucks a month though, you save yourself a lot of time and frustration trying to figure it out, and let me do the thinking for you… all you’ll need to do is set aside 10 short minutes a day, and follow my instructions.So sign up now by clicking the button below:

Extra message from Thomas:

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Click here to get 10 Minute Mobility at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

10 Minute Mobility is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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