Amazon affiliates – I just had my first sale

Since I started the program on 3rd Feb 2017 I’ve been checking my Amazon affiliate stats, almost hourly, to see how well it’s performing.

I am getting the clicks, to date, 333 (glad it wasn’t double, or that probably would have been a sign) but I hadn’t noticed any orders. My initial thoughts were that it wasn’t working, I’d set the tracking up incorrectly or something similar – until yesterday… when I received my first order placed on Amazon through one of my affiliate links.

Now I still don’t have the monetary value that I will receive for this, although I know the item was only £15.99, but I must admit, I’m excited. 22 days and 1 order, not a great business model, but I’m still excited.

Now although my affiliate posts are automated, on here and on social media, I still put a lot of work into this site – optimising and changing the products that I’m bringing in, and just generally checking statistics and operations.

Aside from my day job as web developer, I pretty much live and breathe computers, up to the point where my fingers, arms and neck hurt. I guess I’m addicted, and have been for over 30 years.

** Update from Amazon**
I made £1.60 on the above order, 10% on apparel with different grades from 1% through to 10% for other categories.

So, doing the math, 30 of those a day per week, per month and I’ll soon have an income of £1,440.

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