Publishing and monetising your blog might not work first time

Sorry to burst a bubble, but I just read an article where the blogger in question had tried multiple times to earn money from his blogs. He’d invested a lot of time only for it to fail.

Believe me, when I read that I’d wished I hadn’t, I mean I understand that we learn from our mistakes but I was hoping for a lot quicker results.

Good news

On his fourth attempt he’d taken all his experience and downfalls and turned them into something good, blogging and earning etc.

So there is hope, which made me a tiny bit more optimistic, although his attempts took approximately three years to come into fruition.

Personally I’m hoping for something a lot quicker than that, but if not then at least I have something to work towards.

Once I start to see some form of income, albeit small amounts, then I will be a lot more optimistic.

I have adsense, as you can see down the right hand side, and I recently saw I’d made 28p from a click. A few more of those and I’ll be hitting the big time before you know it lol.

I also have two affiliate links underneath the ads, for Cyberghost and Amazon, again early days.

I’ve signed up for payperpost after reading another money making blog. I haven’t explored it all yet, but I understand the basics of how it works. I deposited $6 for the basic option (it’s $1 a month), although there is a free option too – so don’t be afraid that you have to pay for anything just yet.

I still have the Amazon affiliate side of the site running, and am getting daily visits from Facebook – no-one’s purchased anything yet, or if they have it’s not recording it correctly.

I believe it’s the waiting game with a lot of these ideas but I’ll keep you posted.

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