But I’m not a writer!

If you read my first post “starting out” you’ve probably realised that already. If not, you can read it here, it might make you laugh.

I can’t write a bestselling novel, or a speech for the Queen, but I can write about the things that I have experience of.

I recently read a post about how someone had read online how to blog and make money, and they eventually decided that the best way to get started is to just write about what they know and can teach others.

There are several challenges that have to be overcome:-

  1. Getting visitors to the site
  2. Engaging people in the content
  3. Gaining an audience (email subscription)
  4. Return visitors + new visitors

I will elaborate further on these points in another post, but I’m hoping that all of these will be true of the content in my blog, if it is I’ll let you know.

In summary, I believe you don’t have to be the next Stephen King or John Grisham to have a blog. As long as it’s informative, something that you’re passionate about, and people are interested in.

Don’t worry, I will explain the technical details (in a non techncal way) about starting and hosting a blog in another post, so don’t miss it.

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